Step Back and See the Bigger Picture

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God!  How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways! (Romans 11:33 ESV)

Look too closely at a painting and you will see only the colored oil and the brush strokes.  You must step back from the painting to see the picture and view it from different perspectives to appreciate its beauty.  View it too closely and you will see very little.

In the book of Romans, the apostle Paul steps back to look at the events of history from a bigger perspective, and he marvels that God would have grace for both Jews and Gentiles. He explains that God’s plan of salvation is a “mystery” (Romans 11:25), because the Jews’ rejection of Jesus opens the way for the Gentiles to be saved – it was necessary, not only for Jesus to die, but Jesus’ message of salvation to be rejected so that many people could be saved.  What looks to be evil and unfruitful turns out to be very fruitful for the Kingdom of God.  The Lord can take what appears to be a disaster and use it as a blessing – as is the case with the spread of the Gospel beyond Jerusalem to Gentile peoples.  “How inscrutable his ways” indeed!

Do not look at your life today and see only the disasters and disappointments.  You cannot “search out” the judgements and plans of God to see all that he has prepared.  Trust that God can move you from where you are to where he plans to put you.  There may be some ugliness and frustration, but God can and God will make something beautiful out of your life.  Let go and let God work.  Remember to read the Bible and to pray for your family, your church, your school and for those in mission across the street and around the world.  Step back and look at your life from different perspectives; God is at work in you.

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