Your Citizenship

Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world.  If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews.  But my kingdom is not from the world” (John 18:36 ESV).

An ambassador represents his homeland or home country to the nation in which he or she   lives.  He or she holds allegiance to his home and does not involve himself in the affairs of the nation in which he lives.  Jesus’ allegiance was to the heavenly kingdom.  Thus, Jesus refused to defend himself in Pilate’s court; it was not his place.  His kingdom was elsewhere.

We do not belong to this kingdom.  The kingdom to which we belong is the kingdom of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who reigns from on high.  Thus, our focus and our mission cannot be on this world.  Our citizenship is in heaven.  As an old song puts it, “This world is not my home.  I’m just passing through.”   We must look at the cultures and the people around us with a heavenly gaze and do everything we can to help others become part of Christ’s kingdom.  This world, with its kingdoms, is passing away, but Christ’s kingdom is eternal.

You are an ambassador for the King of Kings, and your passport is your salvation through his redeeming blood.  Pray for Christ’s kingdom that it made be made manifest (visible, evident) in this world.  Pray for the lost.  Speak to the lost about Jesus and be example to them of Christ’s incredible love.  (Be sure to read the Bible today and to pray for the needs of the church, your school, and your family.)  Remember you are a citizen of a heavenly kingdom.  Be a good ambassador of that kingdom.

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