Faithfulness is Hard to Find

Anyone can profess loyalty because lip service is easy.  Obedience requires more than words.  Jesus’ parable about the talents in Matthew 25:14-30 illustrates this truth.  Two of the three servants were found faithful, but one was not. The path to leadership requires faithful responsibility for those tasks and those people put in your care.


Right There in Front of You

Imagine losing your phone or your keys and looking everywhere for them.  You look in the last place you thought you had them.  You look on the floor.  You look on all the furniture, especially the couch and your bed.  Then you do it all over again, because you just had your keys or your phone; it should be right there.  Then suddenly, you look and your phone or your keys are right there in front of you in plain sight.  They were there the whole time, but you never saw them.

No Turning Back

Although Cortes did not actually burn his ships upon arriving in the New World, he did have them disabled.  There was no going back for the six hundred men who were sent to conquer the land for Spain.  With no way to retreat to Spain, the men had no choice but to go forward.

Following Christ Will Cost Us Our Lives

Make no mistake – following Christ will cost us our lives.  For a seed to bear fruit, it must be buried and broken open. “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone,” Jesus says in John 12:24 (ESV).   The seed must be sacrificed; it must be put into the ground and planted for the plant to form and bear any fruit.  If it is not planted, it remains alone – a single, unplanted seed which has no fruit.