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In His Steps (Summer Reading) – Chapter 3 21 July 2007

Posted by Jason Bowman in Charles Sheldon, Literature, Reading, Study Guide.

In addition to the reading and the written assignment, students in my classes should expect a quiz the first full week of school on Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps. I am also reading the book and I will make a study guide available for it in a couple of weeks. The quiz questions will come from the study guide. Here are the questions for chapter 3, and students are not expected to submit their answers for credit:


27. What was the decision which faced Edward Norman, the editor of the Daily News, after he accepted Maxwell’s challenge?
28. Who opposed Norman’s decision?
29. What was the response of the reporters to the decision?
30. How did the newsboys respond?
31. What happened in the delivery room?


32. What reasons did the managing editor give for not running the paper as Norman intended?
33. Why was Edward Norman hesitant to take more actions?
Why did he buy the unsold copies of the paper?


34. What are some examples of foreshadowing in this chapter?
35. What type of character is the managing editor?


36. What kinds of events or stories should Christian newspapers refrain from printing?

Other Chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2



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