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In His Steps (Summer Reading) – Chapter 1 12 July 2007

Posted by Jason Bowman in Announcements, Charles Sheldon, Literature, Reading, Study Guide.

Hopefully most NFC middle school and high school students have started the Summer Reading and nearing completion of it. (If YOU haven’t, pick up the assignment sheet from the high school office and get started.) In addition to the reading and the written assignment, students in my classes should expect a quiz the first full week of school on Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps. I am also reading the book and I will make a study guide available for it in a couple of weeks. The quiz questions will come from the study guide. Here are questions for the first chapter, and students are not expected to submit their answers for credit:


1. What kind of people attend the First Church of Raymond?
2. What was the Rev. Henry Maxwell doing when the man rang the doorbell?
3. Who interrupted the church service?
4. Who was the first person to ask, “What would Jesus do?”
5. Why did Dr. West leave his pew?
6. Why was the man out of work?


7. Why was Rev. Maxwell’s sermon “interesting” to his church?
8. What was the man seeking from the church?


9. What elements of the plot structure are revealed in chapter 1?
10. Why does the author not tell us the denomination of the church? Why does he not disclose the name of the state where the city is located?
11. What does the author use to make the story plausible to the reader?


12. What was the man’s accusation against the church and how accurate do you think the accusation is for contemporary Christians?
13. When new technologies in manufacturing reduce the number of workers required to make a product, what responsibilities should manufacturer have toward workers who lose their jobs?

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