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David Puts His Suitcase on the Truck 31 May 2007

Posted by Jason Bowman in Family.
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When no one was watching (or so he thought) David was caught putting his suitcase on the truck. He was very eager to go and I suspect he was afraid he would be left behind. … Well, the truck is unloaded and we begin the process of sorting, unpacking, and storing all the stuff. We were warmly received by NF. The football coach and a couple of players helped us unload. Pastor and Mrs. Ray came by to check on us and later she brought us supper. We are very happy to be here!

Click here to view two other photos of David during our moving days.

Moving Days 29 May 2007

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Today we rent the truck and begin loading.  Tomorrow we drive to Tallahassee and begin unloading. … I guess I’m ready; after 13 years in Panama City it seems really strange to move away.  I moved to Bay County a year after college graduation to be close to my Dad after my divorce so I have spent nearly all of my adult life here.  I’m excited, though, because I know that this move is God’s plan for our family; there are great opportunities ahead for all of us and, despite the stress of packing and paying for the move, we have a peace about the move.

Booksellers Burning Books to Increase Literacy? 28 May 2007

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FOXNews.com reports today,”Bookstore Owner Burns Books to Protest Decline in Reading.”  The thought of a bookseller burning books is as frightening as, well, firemen burning books in Fahrenheit 451.  The gimmick may work as a publicity stunt to get rid of old inventory, but it certainly will not increase literacy in America.  Literacy will increase when adults demonstrate respect for the printed word by reading for personal pleasure, by reading to their children, by preserving and caring for books, and by supporting libraries and other organizations which promote literacy.

Afternoon Tea 26 May 2007

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Omi took Mommy, Sarah, and Aunt Becky to Willows British Tea Room today for a girls’ day out (which also included a manicure and pedicure for Mommy and Sarah). Sarah had strawberry tea, scones, egg, “pickle” (cucumber), and chicken sandwiches. Mommy opted for the black currant tea, while Aunt Becky had the peach tea. Omi had Lady Grey tea. For dessert, Sarah was offered several choices, including pound cake. She wanted “a pound!” (That would truly be a lot of cake.) Our friend, Miss Meadows, taught Sarah how to eat her scones properly.

Hospitality (Entertaining Elmo) 26 May 2007

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This is not what the author of Hebrews had in mind (“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares,” Hebrews 13.2), but we certainly have angels in our home. Susan found Elmo tucked in on Sarah’s dresser this morning before the children awoke. Elmo, who actually belongs to David, may not be an angel, but Sarah displays such incredible tenderness and care toward her dolls and toys. We have often found them tucked in bed or in empty boxes. I’m sure Elmo slept very well last night.

Other recent photos reveal how much Sarah and David are growing! These photographs were taken yesterday after David’s haircut. He always looks so sharp after a trip to the barbershop. Click on the photos for a better view.

How to Get Rid of Summer Boredom! 22 May 2007

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School is out for many students. Are you bored yet? Here’s how to get rid of summer boredom: Write an essay for The Précis Summer Essay Contest for high school students.  The winner of the first contest this summer will receive a copy of Corrie ten Boom’s The Hiding Place. Visit the Summer Essay Contest page for rules, topics, and deadlines!

(If writing an essay is not your style, check out the summer Reading list or go to the Puzzles page.)

New Word Mine Puzzles 22 May 2007

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Today I added two new word mine puzzles. Word Mine #5 uses the word palindrome and Word Mine #6 uses the word mockingbird. How many 4-letter, 5-letter, and 6-letter words can you find with in those two words? There are other word mine puzzles on the puzzles page to keep you thinking.

The Hiding Place Study Guide 22 May 2007

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The Hiding Place

I have just uploaded a worksheet with study questions on The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. This worksheet has five basic content questions for each chapter. The questions are “recall;” that is, they are what teachers call Knowledge questions and require the student to recall basic facts and data. Soon, I hope to add the next levels of questions to the study guide (Comprehension and Application questions).

Click on The Hiding Place for more information from The Précis Bookstore at Amazon.com.

Visit the Reading page for more information about the books we are reading in class!

Submit Your Palindromes 21 May 2007

Posted by Jason Bowman in Word Puzzles.
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A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sentence which is spelled the same forwards or backwards. Several palindromes were given as examples for extra credit on the English final exam this past semester, including kayak, level, and racecar.   Another example is the phrase A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!

What other palindromes can you find? What is the longest palindrome you can create? Have a contest this week with your friends; the winner is the one with the longest palindrome.

If you have a palindrome, leave a comment on this post.

The 500th Visitor 21 May 2007

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Sometime today the Sitemeter counter registered the 500th visitor to The Précis website since I created the site as a companion to the weekly newsletter in June 2005. As of this posting, 503 visitors have made 1063 page views on the various versions of the site (Geocities, Blogger, and now WordPress). I would estimate that 50 to 60 percent of the page views were made by students; often they were looking for Journal topics to make up the weeks they missed! Sometimes they looked for extra credit — the two posts on extra credit for the final exam, for example, were very popular posts ten days ago. Parents have visited, and some parents subscribed to the email version of the posts — Click here to do the same! Others have come to the website looking for specific resources, and I am working on meeting those needs. (Some very helpful articles on writing are coming soon! Be sure to check back in the next two weeks.)

Thanks to all who have visited these pages! I hope the site has been helpful. If it has, leave a comment on the Contact Me page. If it has not been helpful, let me know what would help you in English or Bible. Or, ask a question — all questions answered FREE! (Of course, you may get what you pay for!)

Congratulations! 18 May 2007

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Congratulations to the NFC Eagles who won the Class 2A State Baseball Championship yesterday!  The Eagles beat Monteverde 6-1.  [Click here for the story.]

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! 16 May 2007

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David woke and came into the kitchen while I was making a cup of coffee. He asked for “cold coffee,” which is a cup of milk with a half teaspoon of coffee! He sat this morning on the kitchen floor having coffee and a pop tart, just like Daddy (only I don’t sit on the floor for breakfast).