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Homerun! 29 April 2007

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It’s next to impossible with our camera to get a shot with the bat contacting the ball — timing, timing, timing. At least in this shot David has hit the red ball. David has already discovered that he must hit the plate with the bat three times before he gets ready to swing. Then he takes a practice swing, lining up the ball with the bat. And when he swings, he turns his upper body, as you can tell from the photo. (Note the black “baseball glove,” which is really a winter glove.) Curiously, like his Daddy, David throws left-handed and hits right-handed with the occasional bat left-handed.

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Secret Word for Friday, 4May07 29 April 2007

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This week’s secret word reminds me of the wonderful book The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham. What’s the word? The first line of the story will serve as a clue: “The mole had been working very hard all the morning, spring-cleaning his little home.” Now, for the definition of the secret word from the Oxford English Dictionary: “A small mound or (occas.) ridge of earth pushed up by a mole in burrowing near the surface of the ground.”  Do you need another clue?  People often “make mountains out of” this!

Write the secret word on this week’s vocabulary test for extra credit!

The Précis Bookstore 27 April 2007

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In conjunction with this year’s Summer Reading List, I have created a bookstore associated with Amazon.com, called simply The Précis Bookstore. While I may earn a few dollars from this venture, my primary motivation came from the realization that setting up a small store could allow me to present students and their parents with titles suitable for high school and college reading. Most of the titles in the store are foreign to my current students — here’s a way to encourage them to read more of the classics!

The layout of the store is simple. The front page (and first category) is the required reading. Titles on this page are works the students will be reading during the school year. The next category is the recommended reading section. This category has one main page several titles already and sub-category pages according to grade level. The final category is a page of movies which I have used in class and which may help the student get more out of the reading. In the future I hope to add some pages for secondary texts and for reference materials.

Because I can control what is displayed on the individual product pages as well as the category listings, The Précis Bookstore is a safer place for private Christian school students and their parents to shop. Some customer reviews on the Amazon pages are offensive to me, so I have opted not to have those reviews listed in the store’s pages. Similarly, Amazon’s “listmania” lists sometimes contain material not suitable for our purposes. However, I have allowed “customers also bought” links since these links may help students and parents, as well as teachers, find other books for Christian teens to read. I deem the material from these types of lists as far less likely to offend.

As with all of my reading choices, I have endeavored to sift out the material that is not suitable. Often, I must rely on my memory of the novels to aid in the selection process; sometimes I miss words and issues which might be cause to pass on the novel. Usually, however, I am very certain about the texts I have chosen to recommend. (Search engines within books, at Google, for instance, have been helpful here.)

[Anyway, click here to visit The Précis Bookstore. If you choose to purchase a title through the store, I receive a small referral fee — thanks.]

Summer Reading List 27 April 2007

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I have begun finalizing my selections for this summer’s Reading List. I have posted a few titles already and will add to the list in the next several days. My goal is to have it completed by the end of April. The Summer Reading List is on the page entitled “Reading.”

Red and Green M&M 27 April 2007

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Sarah and David are sweeter than chocolate and usually messier! We bought their shirts in New York at the M&M Store. They have matching plush toys as well. Funny — the shirts seem to suit their personalities.

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Senior Events 25 April 2007

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Seniors take exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, 1-2 May.  Prepare for 1st, 3rd, and 7th period exams on Tuesday and 2nd, 4th, and 6th period exams on Wednesday.

Seniors should dress for Chapel on Monday, 7 May 07 at 9:00 a.m.  Please dress appropriately.  Graduation Rehearsal is after Chapel.  Then Seniors have lunch with the pastoral staff.

Baccalaureate is Wednesday, 9 May, at 6:30 p.m.  You should have received a letter with the time and details for this event.

Commencement  (if you survive your exams) is Saturday, 12 May 07.  You have had this date on your calendar for a long time!  Congratulations!

Secret Word for Friday, 27Apr07 22 April 2007

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This week’s secret word is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as 1.) “a huge serpent or snake; a python” and 2.) “a mythical monster, represented as a huge and terrible reptile, usually combining ophidian and crocodilian structure, with strong claws, like a beast or bird of prey, and a scaly skin; it is generally represented with wings, and sometimes as breathing out fire…”  (There are other definitions in the OED.)  Can you guess what it is?  Here’s a hint: the word has six letters.  Write the word on Friday’s vocabulary test on the appropriate blank for extra credit!

Sibling Love 22 April 2007

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Today, in many ways, Sarah and David have shown their love for each other. Indeed, Sarah bought David some candy at the “‘venience store” while he had to stay home because he didn’t take a nap. She bought it because she loves him and he’s special. She told him so this evening at dinner!

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Sarah and David make noodle necklaces 21 April 2007

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We met Nana at Kidsfest this afternoon. Among the booths was one which gave the children colored noodles and string. Sarah and David enjoyed making noodle necklaces. Sarah made her necklace with all of the different colors available, while David favored the orange noodles.

Andrew in His Gear 21 April 2007

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Our nephew pitched last night in his baseball game, but was off his game. He struggled to throw strikes, but had three or four strike-outs. After a couple of innings, he came out as pitcher. Later, he played catcher and did an excellent job! He helped limit the number of runs with his hustle and attentiveness. (Way to go, Andrew!)

Speaking of baseball, we had a rough morning yesterday. David his soft baseball bat in the van as we prepared to drive to school. He hit Sarah on the head with the bat. She was fine, but David lied about hitting her. After getting an admission of guilt out of him, I took the bat away. He cried and cried all the way to school: “I don’t want to go to school! I want to go back! I want to go home! I want my baseball bat!” He was penitent, though,when we arrived at school, and insisted I take him to class. Rough morning.

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Secret Word for Friday, 20Apr07 16 April 2007

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I am reviving my practice of providing an additional vocabulary word for extra credit on tests. It’s the “secret word.” This week’s secret word is keystone, which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as literally “the stone at the summit of an arch, which, being the last put in, is looked upon as locking the whole together” and as figuratively “something occupying a position compared to that of a keystone in an arch.”

This word will complete a sentence on the extra credit section of this week’s test. The hint will be “secret word.”

My Favorite Photo 16 April 2007

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I just wanted to share my favorite photo from 2006. A similar photo is on my Curriculum Vitae page (which I am slowly updating). David and I both wore blue shirts and blue ties. “You have blue like me,” said David!

This photo reminds me that I have a fan club and the president looks up to me as his hero. Being a hero to David is usually fun and easy; I just do what comes naturally as a father. Some times, though, it can be really tiring, especially if he cannot endure being separated from me for more than 30 seconds. “I want to sit with you, Daddy,” he might moan, and then I feel incredibly guilty trying to get a moment for something I am sure is very important and which no doubt needs my undivided attention (and there really are such things which can rightfully claim my focus and energy at times).

By the way, you can view more photos on our Flickr page. You can even subscribe the photos feed or get the photos delivered in your email. (See the links at the top of the sidebar on the right.)