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Monday’s Newsletter 14 September 2007

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If you want an early start on the puzzles, check out the latest issue of The Précis.

See You in Church Tonight! 22 August 2007

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It’s our first Wednesday of the school year.  You don’t have homework so you can attend church activities.  Being involved in youth is a fun way to grow in Christ.  Come to church tonight and find a place to serve Christ!

Tuesday 21 August 2007

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I am really enjoying being a part of NFC.  I am still struggling to learn all my students’ names; today during bellwork I looked at the seating charts and at the students’ faces to test myself and I still have a couple of days to work on it.

In the eleventh grade English classes (both regular and Honors), we reviewed the fundamentals of literature and began laying the historical framework for our study of American Literature.  I was very impressed at how much the students recalled from previous years.  I was especially impressed that they recognized the significance of the date 1607.  For homework, in addition to 15 literary terms to define, students have a short reading assignment due on Friday, 24Aug07.

In the eight grade English class, we wrapped up yesterday’s lesson about using lesson objectives to study (“How to Use Lesson Objectives”).  Then we briefly looked at the table of contents in the literature textbook.  Eighth graders should read pp. 12 through 24 for Friday and answer all the questions on page 24.

The Bible classes covered 3,000 years of Israel’s history in 30 minutes!  We reviewed pp. 5-9 which summarize the history of Israel from the Creation in 4000 B.C. to the crowning of Saul as king in 1000 B.C.  Bible students should read the next lesson (pp. 10-13) and be prepared for a quiz tomorrow.

All in all, another great day.  It is a blessing to be here!

Volume 4, Issue 1 20 August 2007

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The latest issue of The Précis is now online! Today’s issue is Volume 4, Issue 1.

Day Two Completed! 20 August 2007

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It was another great day and in all my classes we wrapped up last Friday’s lesson “Enter to Grow in Wisdom.”  Then we discussed “How to Use Lesson Objectives” and I listed Bloom’s Taxonomy on the board.  I explained the different categories of learning and gave examples of lesson objectives in each category.  I also gave examples of test questions for each category.

Homework tonight is very light.  The English classes are reading assignments in preparation for tomorrow’s lessons, which are brief overviews of the textbook.  Bible classes are reading 1 Samuel, chapters 1-3 and textbook pp. 5-9 to get the background on Israel’s history prior to the time of Samuel.

Church Directory Photo 17 August 2007

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Church Directory Photo

Here is our photograph for the church directory. We all wore blue for the photo, but Sarah’s blue dress looks pale against our blue shirts. David is just a ham!

A Great Day 17 August 2007

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Thanks to all the wonderful students who made this a great day for me! You are all awesome and I consider myself blessed and honored to be your teacher.

Thanks also to those parents and faculty who have gone out of their way to make me feel at home. NFCS is a great school!

And, yes, I did think about my friends at PCCS today. I miss you and I am praying for your first day of school.


In both English and Bible classes today, we started a lecture on my expectations, the class rules, and the daily and weekly routines.  We’ll finish it on Monday, so please bring your handout to class.

English Homework: 1.  Bring a book for SSR on Monday.  2. Complete the reading survey.

Bible Homework: Read 1 Samuel 1-3

Monday’s lesson for all classes: “How To Use Lesson Objectives.”  I will teach you how to use the stated lesson objectives for each day, chapter, or unit to study for my tests, as well as your tests in other classes.  I consider this lesson one of the most influential and informative lessons I teach all year!  Be prepared to take notes.

Sketchbook Topics Updated 4 August 2007

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I have updated the sketchbook (formerly called the journal) topics for the first quarter for the two sections of regular 11th grade English and the one section of 8th regular grade English which I am teaching this year.  The Honors 11th grade English topics will be posted soon.

How to Get Noticed! 3 August 2007

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(After a brief a vacation, a return to posting …) Today’s Daily Bible Verse is Proverbs 31.30 (KJV):

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised

Some things do not last. The Bible reminds us that fame or popularity can be deceitful. Favor is not permanent; our status, our knowledge, our accomplishments, or our riches may win us some favor with our peers, but sooner or later, another person will come along with greater status, greater knowledge, greater acheivements, and greater wealth. We may be big fish in a small pond today, but tomorrow we may find ourselves little fish in a large pond. Fame does not last.

Neither does beauty last. Our appearance changes. Just as wind and rain buffet a statue, we cannot stand still as time passes. Our faces and our figures weather the unending cycle of sunshine and rain that we call life. The mirror does not reflect the beauty of yesterday, only what is there today.

Some things do not last. What does? The way to be noticed by God is to “fear the Lord.” The notice of others is fickle and passing, but God sees the woman (and the man) who is faithful to Him. The one who fears the Lord will be praised, or noticed, by those around her and the Lord who notices all things.

Whose favor are you seeking? Do you seek to be noticed by your peers or do you desire the favor of God? “A woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” The way to get noticed is to fear the Lord.

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Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud 26 July 2007

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Today’s Daily Bible Verse is Proverbs 26.11 (KJV):

As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.

It is a sickening comparison, but it certainly makes a point. The foolish person repeats his or her mistakes or sins. Peter quotes this proverb in 2 Peter 2.22 and quotes an additional one: “A sow, after washing, returns to wallowing in the mire” (NASB). Peter is describing false prophets (fake Christians) who really have not been born again — they have not been changed spiritually by the indwelling Spirit of Christ. He compares them to pigs which are cleaned up only to wallow in the mud again.

There has to be a change in our nature. In Matthew 7.16, Jesus said, “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” One cannot plant corn and expect tomatoes instead. Kernels of corn are planted to produce corn. A good tree, Jesus said, produces good fruit (Matthew 7.17). So before our actions produce different results, there has to be a change in us. A spiritual change is required to turn our hearts of sin and disobedience to hearts of love and faithfulness. Until we are remade (“born again”) we will continue to be rebellious toward God’s commands and we will continue to get dirty in the mud.

Further, once we have been born again, we must be participate in this transforming process. We must cooperate with the Holy Spirit by making better choices — by changing our words, our actions, and our attitudes. The power to carry-through with this changing of our nature is His Power. (If we could do it ourselves, then we wouldn’t need Him.) The pig can’t change himself; neither can that do who keeps returning to his vomit, but we can change with His help.

Don’t get stuck in the mud. If you don’t like repeating the same mistakes, make a change. Allow Christ to transform your sinful nature and then make better choices. As you study the Bible, God’s Word will guide you and inform your decisions. You will sense Him leading you, convicting you, directing you. He will change you if you are ready and willing to get out of the mud.

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How to Get Things 25 July 2007

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Today’s Daily Bible Verse is Luke 11.9 (KJV):

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

There is a way to get things in my family: asking. When Sarah and David want something, a statement of want or need is not enough. “I am thirsty” will not get David a drink; he must ask for something to drink. Sarah and David must ask, and they must ask politely. Often, Mommy and Daddy know about the need or the want, and we are usually eager to give it to them. We are just waiting for a child to ask! Asking is the means of obtaining in our family.

Sometimes, even though we want to give something to our children and intend to do so, we don’t have the item in our possession. Either we can’t afford it yet, or we haven’t had an opportunity to shop for it. In those cases, we tell Sarah and David they will have the item they have requested, but they must wait. Waiting is hard for Sarah and David. They’re 5 and 3 years old, respectively, and like all pre-schoolers, they want instant gratification of their wants. “I want it and I want it NOW!” Still, they are learning to wait, knowing that if Mommy or Daddy promises something to them, they will eventually get it. Asking is the means of obtaining in our family, but sometimes asking also involves waiting for the answer.

There are also times when Sarah and David want things which they cannot have even when they ask politely for those things. Some things off limits to them, because they are children. Some things are forbidden because they can hurt Sarah or David. Some things are just not good for them. Asking is the means of obtaining in our family, but sometimes the thing desired cannot be given.

I have made it a general principle in my home that when something is acceptable to me, and I can afford it or have it in my possession, and my children ask politely for it, then I give it to them. It’s a Biblical principle; it is exactly how the Heavenly Father operates with us. “Ask,” the Bible says, “and it shall be given you” (Luke 11.9). Clearly, when we ask, we must want or need those things which are acceptable to the Father. They must be pleasing to Him. (The Bible teaches us what the Father delights to give us.) Clearly, when we ask we must be prepared to wait, just as my children must sometimes wait on me to provide for them. And, just as clearly, we must not be presumptuous; we must ask, and we must ask politely, or fearfully, remembering that we are speaking to God. When we do this, we discover that asking is the means of obtaining. “Asking is how we get things in this family,” I say to Sarah and David.

Ask. Make sure you are obeying God’s will completely and asking for things which He delights to give. Ask. Make certain that you have spoken humbly, in worship, adoration, and fear. Ask, and then wait. Have faith in God, just as a child has faith in his or her parents and expects the answer. Ask, and then wait. Asking is how we get things in this family.

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Getting Closer 24 July 2007

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I apologize for not posting some puzzles today, but I will post some later this week. The puzzles have become a popular feature, so I intend to continue creating them and sharing them with students, parents, and teachers. I have some different puzzles to post in addtion to cryptograms, word mines, and sudokus, so look for them this weekend.

Have you read a great book lately? Visit the Book Reviews page to browse the few reviews that are already there and to submit your own. One of the best parts of reading is sharing books with others. Mrs. Bowman, her mother, and her sister frequently pass along books to each other, sometimes borrowing the others’ library books — this occasionally leads to overdue books! I enjoy listening to them share their reading with each other. Find out what your friends and family are reading; ask your librarian for suggestions. Or — perish the thought — ask your teacher. Then share your reading with others (send me a review on the Book Reviews page)! One of my biggest goals this year is to increase not only the quantity of your reading, but also your enjoyment of it.

Are you ready? The first day is getting closer. We rode our bikes to football practice last night and watched the Eagles — great practice, guys. David and I are ready for football season, but more than that, I think we are all eager for school to start. I know Sarah is excited. In less than four weeks (less than three for me) … It’s getting closer. Lesson plans, lesson plans, lesson plans. Before students even show up for orientation, I must be ready with lesson plans and a decorated room. What happened to “summer vacation” — it’s the middle of July, I’m at home with two great children (who keep my busy), and I feel like I am already behind. But I wouldn’t have it any other way — I love school, I love teaching, and I even love the anticipation, the slowly building tension (i.e. stress), and the thrill of the first day. At practice last night, I saw a handful of Senior girls hugging; they had missed each other and were glad to meet up at practice. There is just something about being back together — I am definitely looking forward to the first day. It’s just so exciting.

Several readers (mostly teachers) have given positive feedback on my two website(s). Thanks, thanks, thanks. This website was created as — and still is — a companion to the classroom. The target audience is my students, other high school students, parents, and teachers. It’s wonderful that so many teachers are visiting the site. I am delighted that you have visited this site and I truly hope you find what you are seeking here (if not, send me an email). Please, keep commenting and keep emailing. Keep asking those questions. Use whatever you find here to help you with English and Bible.

Greetings to PCCS students and special kudos to the Class of 2007. What are you doing this Summer? I am always glad to get email from students. A couple of you have written me already and I cherish our friendships. You will probably never understand how special students are to their teachers — it’s one of our secret joys. I miss you. We keep you in our prayers, and even though the Bowman family has moved to another town and another school, you will see us sometime this Fall; we’re still Crusader fans!

Lesson plans, lesson plans, lesson plans. It’s getting closer.