Computer with coffee cup 8522A précis (pronounced “pray-see”) is a short summary of a story.  This website is a summary of our work in class.


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Keep Your Clock Set and Ticking

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has several outstanding longcase clocks.  One clock features moving ships above the clock face.  The ships rock back and forth as if moved by the ocean.  The clock chimes every hour.  It is an excellent example of craftsmanship, but it must be wound and set every day.  If it is not tended regularly, it will stop ticking and become useless as a clock.  Our spiritual lives need regular maintenance.  Without daily tending, our souls can become idle or stale.

The Connection Between Obedience and Fellowship

A fish cannot swim without water. Natural laws point to spiritual law. Newton’s Third Law of Motion, for example, explains the movement of fish in the water and birds in the air: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. We use this law to propel rockets in space. There is a connection between the force applied in one direction and the movement of the rocket in the opposite direction.

The Antidote to Fear

Navigating a new city or a new school can be intimidating.  Uncertainty about our next steps or our next plans can give us anxiety.  Tragedies and troubles can make us fearful, not only for our lives, but also for the lives of others.  Fear can make our bodies ache and paralyze our decision-making if we allow the feeling of fear to grip us.  (I know, I’ve let it do that to me.)
The apostle John had a vision in which he encountered the Risen Christ in all his majesty and glory.  He writes that he “fell at feet as though dead” when he saw Jesus (Revelation 1:17 ESV) – that’s fear.  Coming face to face with Jesus literally paralyzed John, perhaps causing him to sweat and to hyperventilate – real, tangible fear. 

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